Working relentlessly to fulfill our client requirements, we are fueled by our approach.

Business Partner Alignment
Solution Oriented Approach

Our Methodology


Input: Requirements
This stage starts once the requirements are received. The idea is to understand the organisational strategy behind the requirement. Then requirement itself is assessed to see if it will suffice in fulfilling the strategy and the gaps need to be plugged, if found. Then, we start with identifying the solutions available.

Output: Road-map Developement
Once the road-map is developed, it is important to judge it against the organisational strategy. It should not only suffice current requirements but also support future scalability.


Input: Solution Design
The Design Process is an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks. You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the problem is. The information shall be collected to reflect the requirement and constraints. Then we begin to sketch, make, and study so you can start to understand how all the data and information we’ve collected may impact our design. Preliminary ideas form multiple small-scale design solutions. Feedback is taken from experts to give insightful comments in order to refine and clarify them.

Output: Applicable Solution
The solution is ready with verifiable application at the client environment.



Input: Current Environment Status of the Client
This step is really important to identify the changes in the reported environment by the client. This will also help in identifying the gaps in the prerequisites for the deployment of the new product or service. The deployment is then started which might include upgrade or migration of the existing systems and data. Finally the data is checked for consistency and errors need to be mitigated.

Output: Client's Acceptance
We love to see happy faces at the client's end. This really makes our effort and hard-work worth it. We are really grateful to our customers for trusting our capabilities and giving us the chance.

Work Hours